Sneaky procrastination


Recently, it has crept back into my life: when waiting for a website to load, I’d open the email app to see if there’s anything new (and hopefully interesting) waiting in the inbox. The good thing is the pilot in me is aware of something being off and takes corrective measures. Autopilot is nice, until you mistake your mess of a life for living true to yourself, a false sense of...



People who journal, they make my eyes green. A person I know kept a journal when he was still at school. How wonderful it is to read what you wrote down when you were a different person, say when you were a 13-year-old. To be fair, I did attempt to keep a journal when I was in secondary school. But I just didn’t see the point of it. Just a few pages and that was it. I didn’t know how...

Emotive Conjugation


A case of emotive conjugation in news articles. Emotive conjugation is when you use synonyms of a word to elicit certain emotions, like stubborn and headstrong, one annoying people while the other bringing a sense of awe and admiration. See how this reporter chooses “bà ta” (translated from “she”) when quoting Djokovic and thereby puts him in a bad light, but uses...

The Rule of Just Because


Many a good rule in life can be expressed in this formula: just because… doesn’t mean… For example Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I hate you. Just because I agree with you doesn’t mean I like you. The converse is also true. Just because I hate you doesn’t mean I disagree with everything you believe in. Now, how about something outrageous? Just because someone eats dog...

The Soul Is in the Detail


Didn’t expect to go to a barbershop to find myself drawn into a philosophical conversation about life and happiness. At a tender age, my barber watched his parents go through a divorce. But he turned out great, an ex-PT who found his passion in barbery. And he has a big heart. He treated me like a long-lost friend, grateful that I came back for the service at his shop. Not many people...

I Thought I Was Great


Drax the Destroyer: He is not a dude. You’re a dude. This… is a man. A handsome, muscular man.Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Yes, I’m a dude, English-teaching-wise, who liked to think he was a man, a handsome, muscular man, English-teaching-wise of course. Drax’s line cracked us up. But this is my wake-up call story. I hit my OK plateau. According to author Joshua Foer in his bestselling...

Old Friends


Whenever I happen to hear a piece of music that I used to listen to for a long stretch of time — be it a movie soundtrack or a song that I associated with my crush — everything comes back, torrentially so. The remnants of the old days become alive and kicking, kicking my heart the hardest: the scent, the sights, the ambience, the whole nine yards. Whenever I listen to this specific song in...

Eye to Eye


When giving advice, we often say if I were you, I would blah blah blah. But can I be you? The thing is, if I really am you, I would do the same thing you’d do originally and that renders my advice redundant. If, on the other hand, the advice is based on my experience, I would not be you in the first place. And mind you, most of the time people don’t need advice. More common purposes are seeking...

The Joy of Reading on the Kindle


The Kindle is a blessing. Whenever I tell someone that I love reading on the Kindle, the usual response is “I prefer paper books because I can feel the page and enjoy the pleasing scent of real paper.” They’re simply missing the point: there is no comparison inherent between ebooks and paperbooks. The ereader is not created to replace paperbooks, as the latter has achieved its perfect form. This...

On My Biggest Boobs


Yeah, you read that right. And if you were taken aback, it means you may not have fully explored all the meanings of boobs (they’re not just men’s hopes and dreams.) Today you’ll learn a boob means a stupid mistake, it also means a stupid person, and heck it can be a verb and mean to make a stupid mistake. These meanings even came before a woman’s breast: in fact, they date back to the 16th...


Quang tốt nghiệp Đại học Sư phạm TP.HCM và dạy tiếng Anh từ năm 2012.

Liên hệ

Có ba miền tri thức: thứ ta biết, thứ ta biết là mình không biết, và thứ ta thậm chí không biết là mình không biết. Kết bạn, giao lưu, trao đổi và chia sẻ là cách chạm vào miền thứ ba - miền rộng lớn vô biên - nơi mà bạn có thể tìm thấy thứ thay đổi cuộc đời mình.